Lessons for Children

Our teachers are a team of experts who are experienced in teaching private lessons to children from as young as age 4 through the teen years. We believe in a patient environment that leads students to a life-long love for making music. We also believe that a good and comprehensive instruction in one’s instrument by a skilled teacher will lead to the greatest potential for each individual and the greatest enjoyment in playing music.

Each child is unique. Our students are different ages, playing levels, personalities, and they have different ways of learning. All of these are taken into account by our teachers to ensure the best experience for your child.

We also provide a safe environment for children. All teachers must pass two background checks; there are video cameras set up in each studio; each lesson room has a large window in the door; and we have an open door policy: parents and guardians can sit in on lessons at any point during the lesson.

We have different age requirements for private lessons in each instrument.

Piano – 4 and up

Guitar – 5 and up

Violin – 4 and up

Cello – 4 and up

Drums – 7 and up

Flute – 8 and up

Voice – 6 and up