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Violin & Viola

Westlake Music Academy provides violin lessons as well as viola lessons from ages 4 through adults, from beginning level students to advanced players.

When taking violin lessons at Westlake Music Academy, you will learn:

  • Healthy posture with comfortable hands and feet. This is important so that you can play with more ease and without tension.

  • Good tone so that you can learn how to make a rich and beautiful sound on the violin or viola.

  • Intonation, that is, playing on pitch. This is taught by singing melodies, recognizing pitches, hearing the differences between higher and lower pitches, and hearing pitch intervals.

  • Reading music. Often with younger children learning to read music is delayed until one is older. This is generally true for children under the age of 7. Instead, the Suzuki approach is used, which emphasizes playing by ear. We teach both the Suzuki method and the traditional approach depending on the age of the student.

  • General musicianship. This encourages the student to both express what is contained in the music itself and to express their own emotions, which is something unique to each and every person.

Additional things taught are rhythm, basic bow strokes, and performance preparation and stage presentation, so that the student can learn how to be confident and relaxed and really enjoy playing for others.