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Westlake Music Academy offers guitar lessons in classical, jazz, folk, fingerstyle, blues, rock, and general guitar for those who want lessons in no particular style. We also offer lessons in bass and ukulele.


The goals of the student become the goals of the teacher. If there is a certain style or artist you want to be able to play, lessons will be designed to reach the goal of your playing those styles and songs.

In order to best reach those goals, lessons for beginners will emphasize the fundamentals of guitar technique and overall music skills so the student can build on a foundation that will help to maximize his or her potential on the guitar. Students will learn how to read music on the guitar as reading music has several additional benefits such as understanding how rhythm works, learning the notes on the fret board and effective single-note picking.

Chords will also be taught along with strumming technique and strumming patterns.

Classical guitar beginning students will learn a sound technique which will prepare them for being able to handle the challenges of classical repertoire.

Intermediate and Advanced Levels

Intermediate and advanced level students will be able to spend more time learning the songs they most want to play. Depending on the student’s goals and needs, he or she will learn such things as the pentatonic and major scale forms, modes, finger picking, improvisation, string-bending, sweep picking and theory.

Intermediate and advanced level classical guitar students will work on refinement of technique, repertoire, and interpretation.