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Westlake Music Academy offers drum lessons (and percussion lessons) ages 7 through adult for beginning, intermediate, and advanced students. Students can study a wide variety of styles and genres, from pop and rock drum set to marching and classical. 

Lessons for beginners will emphasize the fundamentals of drum and percussion technique so that the student can build on a foundation that will help to maximize his or her potential. Students will learn the basic beats, patterns, hand-foot coordination, and rudiments that make up the language of drumming. As studies progress, the student will also learn to read music. 

Intermediate and advanced level drum set students will be able to spend more time learning the songs they most want to play. Depending on the student’s goals and needs, he or she will learn a wide range of grooves, styles, and improvisation. Intermediate and advanced level marching and concert percussion students will work on refinement of technique, repertoire, and interpretation.