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Classical Guitar

Westlake Music Academy provides classical guitar lessons for ages 6 through adults. Classical guitar holds a wealth of possibilities, not only for the breadth of wonderful pieces spanning 5 centuries, but also for providing the guitarist with a comprehensive training that is applicable not only to classical, but to any other style possible on the instrument.

Beginners will learn:

  • effective seating position and right and left hand positioning;

  • right hand technique, training the positioning and movements of the thumb, then the index, middle and ring fingers for rest stroke and free stroke;

  • left hand technique, emphasizing proper positioning of arm, hand, and fingers, using minimal pressure for pressing strings;

  • reading music;

  • easy and attractive pieces, very gradually advancing to pieces introducing new skills in a logical step-by-step progression; and

  • the basics of musical concepts like phrasing and dynamics.

Intermediate and advanced students will learn:

  • refinement of technique;

  • correcting any bad habits of technique that are holding the student back; this could be minor details or could be all-encompassing, depending on the student;

  • more advanced left hand positioning;

  • repertoire appropriate to the student’s level from intermediate to advanced, working on interpretation and expression within the context of these pieces; and

  • scale and arpeggio exercises.