About Westlake Music Academy

Westlake Music Academy is a school that emphasizes excellence in music instruction. Students are able to realize their greatest potential, satisfaction and enjoyment in playing working with our skilled faculty. Our teachers are fully engaged in their teaching and are personally interested in the success of their students.

All the teachers at Westlake Music Academy have at least a Bachelor’s degree in their respective instrument and have spent years mastering their craft. But they are not just musicians: they are educators. Playing and teaching are two very different skill sets, and Westlake Music Academy teachers possess both. They are passionate about teaching and have highly developed methods in their instrument as well as detailed methods in the style they teach, whether classical, pop, jazz, blues, or rock. And they know how to make learning music interesting and fun.

The founder and director of Westlake Music Academy believes that it takes a special person to teach. One who has been very well-trained, who knows their instrument intimately, and who not only has musical expertise, but teaching expertise. As a result, he has selected a team of teachers who have these unique abilities.

Our hours are as follows:

Mondays -Thursdays 10am-9pm

Fridays 10am-7pm

Saturdays 10am-4pm